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Established in 1999, The Coaching Academy is now the largest coach training organisation of its kind in the world. In response to market demand, our Business Solutions Division was formed offering coaching, training and business consultancy services to both private and public sector businesses and organisations.

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Disc Profiling, Training & Talent Assessment

The DISC Personality System is the universal language of behaviour. Research has shown that behavioural characteristics can be grouped together in four major groups. People with similar styles tend to exhibit specific behavioural characteristics common to that style.

All people share these four styles in varying degrees of intensity. The acronym DISC stands for the four distinct personality styles represented by the letters:

Image of Letter D Dominance

Decision- Makers, Direct in Communication, Risk- Takers, Competitive, Goal & Results-Oriented, Innovative, Challenges the Status Quo

Image of Letter I INFLUENCE

Outgoing, Welcoming, Enthusiastic, Optimistic, Impulsive, Persuasive, Emotional, Encourager of Others, Creative Problem Solver, Influential

Image of Letter S Steadiness

Stable, Reliable, Values Safety & Security, Sympathetic to Others, Team Player, Non-Confrontational, Peacemaker, Loyal, Patient, Consistent

Image of Letter C Compliance

Accurate, Conscientious, Systematic, Organised, Analytical, Fact-Finder, Even-Tempered, Methodical, Thorough, High-Standards

Knowledge of the DISC system empowers you to understand yourself, your team members, co-workers, and managers - often in a profound way. Understanding behavioural styles enables better leadership and communication. It helps to minimise and prevent conflict as well as enhancing teamwork, influence and motivation through an understanding and appreciation of the differences in others.

The DISC system provides companies with an effective tool to fully develop the talent that already exists with current personnel, increase productivity, enhance teamwork and cooperation and ultimately increase your bottom line.

Topics covered include:

  • DISC and its history
  • Identifying different personality styles
  • Administering the DISC profile
  • How to use DISC within a coaching framework
  • Practical applications of DISC for coaches/organisations
  • How high performing teams work and deliver results

By the end of this programme, delegates will know their own ‘preferred’ communication style and be able to identify and understand the communication styles of others. They will learn how to modify their natural communication style - where applicable and appropriate, and how to adapt their approach to lead, inspire and motivate other individuals. Knowledge of DISC also helps people to understand why some people may appear to be ‘difficult’ and how to develop strategies to overcome this.

Managers will be able to use DISC to know why teams sometimes fail and understand what to do about it, along with knowing how to adapt their natural communication style to build rapport with anyone quickly, effectively and consistently. They will improve their awareness of how to get the best out of themselves, their team and their peers, and understand how to replicate, manage and motivate top performers to consistently improve and exceed targets.

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  • DISC for Recruitment & Selection
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  • DISC Train the Trainer